Mrs. Ruth Gibson

The 20th Century Onyx Club, Inc is a non-profit organization founded in 1961 by Mrs. Ruth Gibson of Ventura California. 

About us

Ruth Gibson was born in August, 1915 in Ventura, California and worked at the Construction Battalion Center for 28 years. She founded the Twentieth Century Onyx Club, an African-American woman’s club that sponsored Debutante’s Ball, the Cotton Ball and gave scholarships

The Twentieth Century Onyx Club,, Inc is a non-profit organization is a civic and social organization whose membership is comprised of Women of African-American decent that reside in the Ventura area.

​The Onyx gemstone is a black precious jewel and was selected by the organization as a tribute to and symbol of the beauty, value and strength of the African-American woman. The Orchid is the symbolic flower of The 20th Century Onyx Club, INC.

Celebrating 59 Years


• To promote and support social welfare and charitable activities in the community.

• Encourage the development of social responsibility among young people.

• Provide scholarship incentives for young people seeking higher education.

Year Founded
1 61
Scholarships awarded.
$ 400 K

We the members of the 20th Century Onyx Club stand on the shoulders of our club founder Ruth Gibson and our dedicated sisters who made sacrifices for the better good. We believe in sisterhood, education and most importantly, going beyond the walls in the community so we can help change the lives of others. We the members take pride in being leaders and role models for positive change within the Ventura County community.

We trust this site will be informative and of value to all. Again, on behalf of the 20th Century Onyx Club members, we welcome you to our website. – Julia Dixon, President

MARCH 4, 1982

Her experience as a Onyx Club debutante heightened Edie Koontz's awareness of the importance of education

The 20th Century Onyx Club, Inc. has contributed to the following organizations as part of its continued effort to enhance the lives of all citizens of Ventura County: