The 20th Century Onyx Club, Inc. for African American decent students of Excellence scholarships in Education was formed in 1961 by Ruth Gibson, founder and members of the 20th Century Onyx Club,  to increase the commitment to the young women and men in the Ventura County community with educational and scholarship opportunities. The 20th Century Onyx Club, Inc. awards annual scholarships to a male and a female high school student who plan to attend college, and who have demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership and service. 
We encourage individuals, groups and organizations to join us in our effort to support institutions of higher learning. Most importantly, each donor will have the gratification and pride of supporting the The 20th Century Onyx Club African American students of Excellence scholarships in Education’s community service projects and scholarship program benefiting local students. All contributions to the the 20th Century Onyx Cub are tax-deductible. The 20th Century Onyx Club, Inc. is a non-profit Organization and is a 501(c) (3) entity. 
Thank you for supporting the African American students of Excellence scholarships in Education in our efforts to help students attending colleges and universities. It’s important and it is appreciated.